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Nigerian Embassy sacks officer who demanded sexual favour for passport renewal


The Nigerian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, has sacked Martins Adedeji Oni, a security officer who reportedly demanded sexual in return for passport renewal.

Oni’s job contract was terminated after an investigation of allegations of corruption and sexual misconduct,

The embassy said in a statement on Tuesday that Oni curried sexual favours in return for help with visa renewal.

The statement reads in part: “Mr Oni was suspended from duty on 17 November after reports emerged that he had curried sexual favours in return for help with the renewal of a passport.”

“The Embassy immediately established an Investigation Committee to examine the allegations and any related issues, and to make recommendations for action.”

The statement said the committee interviewed Oni and other witnesses as part of an examination of the charges.

Thereafter, it concluded that Oni was culpable and acted in violation of all the statutory codes.

The embassy reiterated its zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of office and sexual misconduct.

“The Embassy is grateful for the help of the public in tackling such abuses. As public servants, we pledge to follow all due process as part of our continuing commitment to deliver the highest ethical & professional standards in all our operations, also at Consular & Immigration.”

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